Olives Et Al masters of decorating since 2012

You may have received an out of office response a few Fridays ago or, horror of horrors, rung Olives Et Al HQ and heard Steve Brown's voice on the other end. Don't be alarmed. On Friday sales and marketing put down their telephones and switched off their computers to be transformed into a decorating team without rivals...

Hanni -Cutting in Queen Faye -super scrubber Amy - masking tape magician Olivia -professional perfectionist Alice - face paint fanatic Giles- paint brush washer extraordinaire Rebecca - the DJ Me (Maddie) - chief paint spiller

Aided and abetted by Ella, our amazing organiser of everything, we stripped the office of all furniture, pictures, files, olives and general rammel - this was essential since it prevented me from covering the desks in yellow paint. Faye then took the starring role in scrubbing the walls from top to bottom in sugar soap, unperturbed by blue tack (or strange arrangements of Velcro in Giles' corner of the room) she left no piece of wall unwashed. Then the serious decorating began. Hanni, it turns out, is incredible with a paint brush - very steady hands - leaving every window sill pristine.

Meanwhile the rest of the team, wielding rollers and brushes, began to paint not only the wall but our clothes in a brilliant yellow hue. As I was almost bathing in the paint, Alice began a mission to launch an Adam Ant tribute band - white stripes on our noses and well defined cheek bones at the ready we began our decorating in earnest. Having paused for lunch in a lovely pub garden we decided the Adam Ant phase was over only to discover that Alice, so keen in her mission to bring back glam rock, had used vinyl paint. The usual methods of face washing at this point proved useless until Donald MacAllister, leader of the technical team and apparently an expert in Adam Ant make- up, came to the rescue. Olives Et Al Extra Virgin olive oil is not just good in salad dressing, nor should it be limited to culinary exploits, our olive oil is also an amazing vinyl face paint removal method, unperfumed and seemingly hypoallergenic!

Our painting day, surprisingly, resulted in a beautiful fresh office with new chairs and uncluttered desks - a perfect environment to dream up a new business plan: the Olives Et Al skin care range.

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