Giles Giles

Hi… I'm Giles

A little about me…

Used to wear green a lot. Chief traveller and finder of new things. Comer-upper with ideas bod. Some good, some not. My Peach and Anchovy Jam was a triumph.

My favourite product is

Moorish Olives – ever since we first discovered the recipe in Syria in 1992. Always will be, too.

Emily Emily

Hi… I'm Emily

A little about me…

When she’s not being the best lovely olivey person she can be, Emily can be found getting down and dirty renovating her house or dreaming of some new far flung adventure.

My favourite product is

Verde Lemon and Coriander Olives....a real taste of summer in a jar made even better with a chilled glass of white wine!

Jane Jane

Hi… I'm Jane

A little about me…

I work in the deli, come in and say Hi. You will see me covered in flour making cakes or on stage performing in Panto.

My favourite product is

Moroccan Dukkah

Simon Simon

Hi… I'm Simon

A little about me…

Chef, Baker, Pasta maker… I run the Deli at HQ and keep everyone fed. Part time I’m an aspiring bee keeper… Ouch!

My favourite product is


Steve M Steve M
Steve M

Hi… I'm Steve M

A little about me…

I store it, I pack it and despatch it! When I’m not doing that I paint it, paste it, clean it, dust it, dig it and cut it- OH! She does like to keep me busy!

My favourite product is

Sweet and Spicy Aussie Olives and Chilli Puffs

Simon B Simon B
Simon B

Hi… I'm Simon B

A little about me…

I am a big movie, music and Video game fan and like to socialise with friends. My favourite beverage is a nice bottle of Frosty Jacks with a splash of apple and blackcurrant cordial.

My favourite product is

Chilli Puffs because they aren’t too spicy and very addictive.

Gary Gary

Hi… I'm Gary

A little about me…

I love going for walks and camping with my girlfriend and our dog.

My favourite product is


Jonny Jonny

Hi… I'm Jonny

A little about me…

I like sports, music and the beach but not stoney one’s.

My favourite product is

Moroccan Dukkah. You can put it on loads of things and if you make a mess it’s easy to hoover up.

Debbie Debbie

Hi… I'm Debbie

A little about me…

Keeper of the pennies, guardian of the people and pay day fairy.

My favourite product is

Sunshine Olives = Happy times and holiday memories

Helen Helen

Hi… I'm Helen

A little about me…

I work in purchasing and being a girl I love to shop! To relax I enjoy a good book and a large glass of Red.

My favourite product is

Our Putney: Tomato and Onion Chutney… Lovely

Shirley Shirley

Hi… I'm Shirley

A little about me…

I ride my electric bike into work all year round. I work in production with a great team and spend time painting and reading with my Grandchildren

My favourite product is

Sticky Onion Marmalade

Paul Paul

Hi… I'm Paul

A little about me…

When I’m not working hard, I like to spend time with the Grandchildren.

My favourite product is

Jalapeño Olives and Chilli and Ginger Dressing… Spicy.

Rosie Rosie

Hi… I'm Rosie

A little about me…

I’m a creative spark and when I’m resting my brain I like to play netball or go for a run… sometimes when I am feeling naughty I like a juicy cake from the deli downstairs.

My favourite product is

My Favourite product is… Chilly Billy Jelly – The perfect blend of Spicy and Sweet.

Donna Donna

Hi… I'm Donna

A little about me…

I am the lady (well some people do say I am!!) who looks after the production of everything we make.

My favourite product is

Beetroot & Thyme dressing, great for just dunking bread into or drizzled over a feta salad

Ella Ella

Hi… I'm Ella

A little about me…

A Granny-fantabulous Sage or a Saggy-fantabulous Gauge.

My favourite product is

Spiced Dukkah, bake, sprinkle, mix, dip, dab, dob - every which way an explosion of Kasbah flavours.


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