Join Us

Thanks for dropping by and if you’re on this page then it’s probably because you’d like to find out a bit about what’s it’s like to work with us which is a great start…

We’re constantly on the look out for bright, shiny, enthusiastic folk with a zest for life, love of good food and a work ethic that would shame a beaver.  We’re more interested in your potential and what you’re about to do than what you’ve already done so don’t worry if your CV is a bit rusty.

It’s fair to say that Olives Et Al is no ordinary place to work. It can be fun, challenging, frustrating and rewarding all in equal measure and we think it’s really important to give everyone who works here the opportunity to develop and shine.  Of course, like most jobs, it can also be boring, repetitive, and very hard work.  Whilst we all have proper job descriptions, Olives Et Al is still a team operation and if there’s a job to be done then sleeves get rolled up and everyone pitches in.  We try hard not to have too many demarcation lines and office politics; we don’t have too much hierarchy either, so you’ll never be asked to do something that nobody else is prepared to do.

If all this sounds like you and you’d like to find out more then drop us a line and we can go from there.


So as you know, here’s a quick summary of our recruitment process:

We arrange to have an initial chat over the phone to see whether what we’ve got matches what your after and vice versa.  If that works out this is followed by coming in to meet us and have a good look around the place to see if we both like what we see and finally a decent interview to explore each other in more depth. No weird questions. No staged emergencies and no confrontation – just a smooth series of conversations in a friendly environment which is exactly what it’s supposed to be all about.  Let’s chat.