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The Three Wise Men

This is what the Three Wise Men should've been carrying. Myhrr? Who wants myhrr? Olives, Nuts & Sugar Plum Fairies – something for everyone in this little box
• Really Naughty Nuts
• Classic Christmas Olives
• Dainty Sugar Plum Fairies

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Every taste has a story to tell...

We call it oliveering. The art of creating great tasting olives without the use of any heat treatments or nasty chemical interventions and since they are in our name I guess this is what we're best known for - hand sorted, double graded, fully matured and naturally prepared olives to recipes from around the world. We've worked with farmers and cooperatives in Greece, Sicily, France, Morocco, Italy, Syria and beyond to find the right varieties and styles for us to use to recreate recipes that we've collected at first hand on our travels over the years. Preserved in extra virgin olive oil which can be used to cook with once the olives are eaten... hope whoever you give them to loves you for it.

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