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The Something To Celebrate Hamper

We thought long and hard when deciding which goodies should sit in our hampers this year - and we decided to spread the joy about and add a few of our favourite things from a few of our favourite people so it's an even richer variety of loveliness

As ever - All in a proper wicker hamper (with buckles and everything), all wrapped up with sizzle and ribbon. Lovely.

This is The Something To Celebrate Hamper - the perfect selection for anyone with something to celebrate and needs to be a tad celebratory... (celibacy can wait - we need to celebrate)

Availability: In stock

All the family...
Wicker hamper containing: 150g Really Naughty Nuts, 250g Classic Christmas Olives, 210g Dainty Sugar Plum Fairies, 250ml Shallot & Orange Dressing, 200g Habas Fritas, 150g Chilli Puffs, 160g House of Dorchester Milk Chocolate Selection, 454g Olives Et Al Ultimate Christmas Plum Pudding, 250g Pistachio & Almond Cantuccini

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Every taste has a story to tell...

Selection of proper wicker hampers (with straps and buckles and everything) carefully filled with our most popular goodies and now wrapped to perfection with sizzle and ribbon. For gorgeous gifts and well-stocked larders everywhere...

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