Pedro Ximénez Raspberry Sherry Vinegar


PX is beautifully rich, syrupy dessert Sherry from the Montilla-Moriles area. It also makes the most fantastic vinegar. We’ve taken a 10 year old Barrel Aged Pedro Ximénez Sherry Vinegar and gently blended it with Raspberry Syrup to balance the natural sharpness of the PX and bring out some rich, sweet undertones. Sweetly sharp, dark and rich it’s an excellent accompaniment to roasted vegetables, lamb, game and poultry dishes, salads or with terrines.  If you’re adventurous try a little drizzled over ice cream for a real treat.

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Super sweet and rich 10 year old barrel aged Pedro Ximenez Sherry Vinegar.


  1. Made with 10 year old barrel aged Pedro Ximénez Sherry Vinegar
  2. Sweet. Sharp. Dark. Rich.
  3. Perfect on roast veg, lamb, salads, terrines or even ice cream. It’s unstoppable.

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