Very Sticky Onion Marmalade 650g


Ever popular marmalade made from caramelised onions.

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King of Onion Marmalades. It’s sticky and it’s got onions in it. Thick, rich and sticky. Fun.



  1. Stickier than a stick insect covered in honey, eating our Sticky Onion Marmalade, on a stick. Very Sticky.
  2. Goes with almost any cheese
  3. Great on everything.


Onion (41%), Raw Cane Sugar, Citrus Pectin, Spiced Vinegar (Apple Vinegar, Cloves,
Cinnamon, Ginger), Concentrated Redcurrant Juice, Olive Oil, Concentrated Lemon Juice

Keep cool and dark.



Energy Energy Protein Carbohydrate Carbohydrate of which sugars Fat Fat of which saturated Fibre Salt
Typical Nutrition per 100g 960kJ 226kcal 10.7g 52.9g 51.5g 1.0g 0.1g 0.9g 0.1g