Socca Flatbread with Pesto

Socca Flatbread with Pesto


Socca is a gluten free, vegan friendly flatbread that’s dead simple to make and even wheat heads and carnivores like it.  Good for guests with food intolerances…

Ingredients (makes 1 thick or 2 thin flatbreads)

130g Chickpea Flour
250ml Water
50ml Olives Et Al Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pinch of Salt

Olives Et Al Pesto (Choose from Basil & Garlic, Tomato & Chilli or Almond& Red Pepper)


Make the batter by whisking all the ingredients together in a bowl (except the Pesto…) then let it rest for  at least 30 minutes and up to a couple of hours.

Heat up your grill and put a 25cm frying pan under the grill to warm. Add a little oil to give the base of the pan a nice coat.  Whisk the batter again and pour into the hot pan. (If you want two thin Flatbreads, pour only half the batter into the pan, if you want one thick Flatbread, use all the batter).

Make sure the pan is evenly coated with batter (think French pancake) and place under the grill for 3-5 minutes until the top begins to brown and blister.

You know it’s done when the edges are crispy but the middle is still soft.

Slip the Flatbread from the pan and onto a nice serving board and spread your chosen Olives Et Al Pesto over the top. Cut into wedges and serve with a green salad (we like to put our salad all over the top of the Flatbread, but that’s up to you!)


Socca is a rally versatile flatbread and be used in place of a wrap or as gluten free pizza base. For added flavour just add to the Socca batter before cooking: chopped fresh herbs,  garlic or spices like chilli, cumin, smoked paprika, sumac or za’atar.