Trade With Us

Here we are, over 29 years old and still supplying some of the best and award-winning Mediterranean inspired products and ingredients. We not only fulfil the needs of consumers by retail but also chefs and other ingredient users. Someone in the know once said ‘if it’s got Olives Et Al on the label, it’s a guarantee of a top notch product…’ Nice eh?

Are you a Wholesaler and want to offer some top notch products to your customers? Are you a one person operation supplying your local community? Good on you. Are you a large retailer looking for creative and exciting products to be manufactured on your behalf? With our well respected experience in the food industry, we can certainly help you all and hopefully turn your visions into reality. We currently supply everyone from delicatessens to farm shops, butchers to pubs, restaurants, hotels, airlines, hamper companies and more. We will happily share our Sales Intelligence with you to help you sell the most suited products to your customers.

We are currently SALSA Certified and have also gained the highest grade by M&S for food producers. We’re pretty chuffed with that. So you can be assured that we always do things the right way. We use a whole heap of truly original methods that we’ve been following since day one. That plus some new innovations here and there means we can continue to offer not only authentic stuff but also keep up with trends allowing us to offer more.

Download our current Range Lists

Our current range lists are right here along with some useful insights into best selling lines in various outlets – have a little look see.

The Full Range List is for all year round Foodservice and Retail lines.

The Hamper Range List is the lines best suited for inclusion into hampers – they all work at any time of the year.

Get in touch, let us know what you’re after and we’ll do our best to help.  We have some great relationships with our suppliers and are always looking into new products that we can create, source and supply so if it’s missing something, let’s chat and see what we can do for you…