Olives Et Al – Covid 19

Just so as you know, and would expect, we’ve taken all the necessary steps to react to the ever changing situation around the whole Covid-19 issue and keep all our staff, visitors and customers safe and well.


Website update

One more thing: Along with this spangly new website, you’ll also find a new online shop called Loaf & Larder. It not only sells all your favourites from the Olives Et Al ranges but a comprehensive and ever growing range of everything you’d expect to find in a darn good deli (and a lot more besides).

Captain Tiptoes

Our Captain Tiptoes Range

Ahoy! Snipped, clipped and stiff upper lipped, erect and square to the front, I am Captain Tiptoes and we bring you a heap of grand little beauties, guaranteed to keep you snack happy. Climb aboard and let me introduce you to the Crew…